Colorado 2013 Draw Application Deadline Nears

Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc. Elk hunt, bear hunt, mule deer hunt, turkey hunt, ColoradoColorado big game hunters:

Tomorrow is the deadline to submit applications for the big game hunt draw in Colorado. Have you applied yet? If you plan to hunt this fall and have not already done so, you need to get your hunt codes together and submit your application. If you need assistance with hunt codes, contact us immediately. WCO

A story of success: Successful Elk Hunt

We came to a small clearing and tried to get through quickly so we could stay out of sight. Suddenly a cow jumped through directly in front of us.  I froze.  A nice 5×5 bull followed, pushing her, trying to move her to another area.  

I whispered to Hank, “Should I?  Should I?”  He …

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Colorado Elk Hunt